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Tailored Haircut-  $62
Long/ Curly Haircut-  $77


Shampoo & Blowout-  $55
Shampoo, Blowout and Thermal-  $70
Upstyle-  $80


Airbrush-  $85
Liquid-  $75
Tutorial-  $85 (per hour)


Full Coverage -  $85+
Retouch-  $75
Shadow Root-  $60+
Toner Refresh-  $45+


Trial-  $110+
 Upstyle-  $120
Makeup-  $100
Airbrush Makeup-  $120


*Does not include hair*
Install-  $180 (per row) 

Move-Up-  $165 (per row)
 Removal-  $85


Keratin Complex Express Blowout-  $120



Brow-  $15
Lip-  $10
Chin-  $15


All Dimensional Color, Foiling and Color Corrections are booked by time blocking starting between an hourly rate of $75 to $100 per hour.  This is to insure the proper amount of time and product is reserved to apply the techniques for which your desired look can be achieved.  Toning services are included in all dimensional services.  Additional charges may apply for additional time and products.

Below is a list of services to help you decide which time block you should book for.

The Minimal

1 1/2 - 2 Hours
($75 ph)

Face Frame Foil
Fringe Foil
Crown Highlight
Crown Strandlight

The Partial

2 1/2 Hours
($80 ph)

Partial Classic Foil
Partial Balayage/ Foilayage
Partial Strandlight
Color Melt 


The Partial Plus

3 Hours
($85 ph)
Partial Two Toned Foil
Partial Foil with Retouch Color

Any Partial Dimensional Color On Long Or Thick Hair

The Full
3 1/2 Hours
($95 ph)

Full Classic Foil
Full Balayage/ Foilayage
Multi-Color Foil
Full Strandlight
Grey Blending

The Full Plus

4+ Hours
($100 ph)

Color Correction
Rainbow Color
Full Two Toned Foil
Any Full Dimensional Color On Long Or Thick Hair

Dimensional Color, Foiling,

Color Correction


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